My Story

I share, in my art, what is happy, fun, inspiring, healing and positive in my world, in the hope that the feelings of love and connection resonate with you. Commissions are welcomed if you have a subject or idea that brings you joy.
I came from the West Coast, where I was an architectural photographer among many and varied other careers. I moved first to Cadiz shortly before Covid hit. With the support of my family and friends, I started to take paining seriously. I had learned composition as a photographer. Now I focus on mastering the other foundations of painting, the shapes, values, and what you leave in, what you leave out, to make it a painting where reality meets my imagination.
My acrylic flower paintings came out of a class on color I took at the Paducah School of Art and Design. Now that I live in Paducah, I have switched to oil as my medium of the moment. I work mostly on small pieces so I can explore many more ideas and techniques. I paint larger pieces when an idea or image calls out to me to go big.


close up of Heather holding her dog, DaisyDaisy is my love, my heart, my joy, my muse. She is a border terrier/poodle mix. She is very smart and independent but good natured. Since coming into my life, she has introduced me to the world of the dog park. We have met many lovely beings, both human and canine, and they have become the inspiration for many of my paintings.