If you are curious about what goes into commissioning a piece of art from me, I have included some of the points that need to be covered between Artist and Client. You can request a full copy of the contract from my contact page.

Details of the Artwork 
The piece of artwork will satisfy the following requests of the customer: (Include info such as  framing, what it will look like, what kind of file it will be delivered as, number of figures, etc).   Medium​:
Canvas Dimensions or Digital Dimensions:  
Special color preferences for background or other content:  
Other details:  

Reference Photo (s)​: Quality reference photos matter and make a huge difference in the end  product of portraits. It also helps to have multiple reference photos for the best capture.   The Customer confirms that provided reference photos are of the best quality available, well  lit and without significant obstruction such as graininess or blurriness. If the supplied photos  do not meet these qualifications, then the insufficiency will be noted below and the  customer understands that it may heavily impact the success of the artwork as far as subject  recognizability.
ANY insufficiencies with or requested alterations from the Reference photo(s):  

Right to Refusal​: The Customer retains the right to not purchase commissioned artwork at  any time. Please note that any money already paid before refusal, will not be refunded to the  Customer under these circumstances. This statement relieves The Artist of being indebted to  Customer if this occurs.

Upon Completion 
Approval​: Upon completion, the Artist will supply images of the completed work for the  Customer’s approval. If the Customer has not paid in full then the images will be heavily  watermarked. These watermarks will not obstruct the view of the artwork so much that the  Customer will not be able to determine approval.