Blooming Blossoms

In the Beginning...

It wasn't really the beginning. I've been making art ever since I can remember. Here is my favorite painting from third grade.

Heather's painting of a field from 3rd grade

But in the beginning of this phase of my art adventures, I had a friend who was starting to explore her artistic talents. I LOVED these flower bouquets she was painting. They were whimsical, colorful, joyous, using colors I wanted more of in my life.  She told me she was painting them as part of an online class, Big Bold Bloom Wild Painting, taught by Lynn Whipple. She encouraged me to sign up.

There were many firsts I experienced in that class. It was my first experience of a pre-recorded video class that connected to a FaceBook group. I connected to my community without having to be in the same location. That group was full of positive, useful comments that really lifted my beginner’s confidence.

Lynn taught this beginner how to break through the delusion of precious white space and sacred marks. I was introduced to under layers of color and techniques to make layers and layers of marks, letting the past peak through and inform the present. I learned that to create that history I don’t have to finish a painting in one sitting.

I found the freedom to embrace the fun of drips and splatters, to mix mediums like pastels to accent points of interest and add energy. 

In my beginner’s mind, I thought 24 by 36 inches was a big canvas to fill. Go Big! Or so I thought. Now I dream of the days I can paint canvas measured in feet? 7 by 8 feet anyone?

This was the perfect class to begin this phase of my creativity. It fueled my craving to create in a fun, spontaneous, abundant way. When you tour my website, or continue to read Creativity Cache, you will see that my painting style has moved from that wild first blooming bouquet, but the lessons, abundance and joy still peak through like an under layer in all I create.

A cup of flowers painting from class.

What are some of your beginning art class experiences? I would love to hear your stories of what you learned and how you still use those lessons in creating your life today.

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These works are BEAUTIFUL and inspiring.


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